Beats Studio by Dr. Dre Hi-Def Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones Review

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Beats Studio by Dr. Dre – Hi-Def Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones is a great headphone device for all those individuals who want to experience music loud and without getting disturbed by outside noise. Music engineers these days have been working really hard to produce music which is not only different but leaves the listener in a mesmerized experience by having him listen to the most amazing dynamic sounds which have been experienced by humanity since it was born, and every day, music engineers take music to an even higher level. The Studio HD Headphones have been designed by Beats by Dre taking this factor into account and hope that you will be able to experience the music with the kind of experience that such notes actually deserve. These noise cancelling headphones features a type of disc, and is recommended for all those users who want to experience crystal clear sound the way it should be heard. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty on the product.

Beats Studio Dr Dre Beats Studio by Dr. Dre Hi Def Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones Review

Beats Studio by Dr. Dre - Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

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The Dr. Dre headphones host various features, including the capacity to cancel all noises, which makes it an ideal solution for all those individuals who love getting deeply mesmerized while listening to their favourite musical tunes. The device has a limited white colour which gives it a very high tech look. The ear cups are quite spacious so you will not be feeling tired that easily and are quite blush, and you will not be feeling any kind of discomfort while wearing them. These noise cancelling headphones also have a power isolation feature. The product comes in amazing packaging, which makes it quite attractive on the first look for users. Users have reported great audio quality which is quite balanced and you can actually experience the real depth of the music you are listening to. The design is very attractive and gives it a very modern feeling and is overall very comfortable as compare to the devices of the same genre. The case, while it might not be the best, but is very effective in protecting your headphone device. The headphones come with great extras, including a mute button and two cables, the microphone in the headphones offers a very crisp conversation experience, and also is fitted with AAA batteries.

While most of the features mentioned above as advocated by the manufacturer have been agreed upon by users in various customer reviews of these over ear headphones, however, they have reported some drawbacks of this device. First of all, the noise cancelling is not that effective as one would expect to be. Moreover, the hinges are not that strong and these headphones can not function without the designated batteries. So be sure to consider this before buying.

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