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The wireless computer headphonesare in today and are the latest trend among both the business as well as the consumer communication. Headphones for computers had a number of options, but they differ usually depending on the power management and application. Headphones earlier were widely used by professionals for aviation needs. Now the scenario is like having at least one headphone with an individual.

Logitech USB Headset H530 Premium Laser Tuned Audio Computer Headphones

Logitech USB Headset H530

Headphones for computers normally come in two types- they are standard 3.5 mm & the USB connection. The 3.5 mm computer headsets usually have two 3.5 mm connectors. Among them, one is connected to line-in (microphone jack) and the other is connected to the line-out (speaker jack) of the computer. A sound card is required to connect a 3.5 mm headphone to the computer. This sound card helps to convert the digital signal of the computer system to the analog signal for headphone. The sound quality of the 3.5 mm headphone connected to a computer via soundcard is observed to be just an average. Whereas the USP connected headphones gives the high sound quality. It is connected through the USB ports and the conversion of audio signals take place in the USB PCBA which is in the headset or sometimes in the control unit of the same.

When compared to price, the 3.5 mm headphones are much cheap and perhaps this is behind the quality of the sound it shows. It is believed that the 3.5 mm headphone is more than required for the entry level users or for the basic communication. In this the compatibility is very high and the connecting style is simple too. This 3.5 mm headphone could be connected to any device other than computer like MP3 player, CD player, etc just by connecting the speaker plug to the device. But as mentioned earlier, a high end sound quality cannot be expected from this kind of headphone.

Though the USB headphones are generally more expensive on comparison and this very well shows in its sound quality. This is not simply because of the USB technology, but also the materials that are used by its developers. The USB headphones normally come in two types- Headsets with the USB connection & Direct USB headset. Headphones for computers are now much popular and the best computer headphone can be chosen from the wide variety according to the users requirements. The wireless computer headphones do not restrict the position of the user. It could be worn and the user can move from the place without having to bother about the wire.

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