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| Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancellation headphones are the specially designed headphones that help to reduce the unwanted external ambient sound. The noise cancellation is of two types- active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation is selective in canceling the unwanted noise taking care that the desired sound reaches the listener in clear and enjoyable form, whereas the passive noise cancellation is the uniform and equal elimination of all the sounds reaching the ears. Ear plug while traveling is the best example for passive noise cancellation.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancellation headphones 2.0 help to make the listening experience more enjoyable without increasing the volume. The high volume will cause stress to the ears and result in hearing damage. The main objective of the noise cancellation head phone is to reduce the unwanted external sound or noise without making the volume of the system high, thereby giving the best and clear desired sound.
Noise cancellation headphones were later developed with large padded ear cups. It had an adjustable head band that kept the headphones firmly on right place. This headphone could be folded in order to occupy less space while traveling. Choosing the option of active noise cancellation, the headphones give the desired sound alone and reduce the unwanted ambient sound by approximately 15dB. It was able to reduce the minute disturbances caused by the sounds of air conditioners, fans, engine noise, generator, etc. This technique of noise reduction was so effective that these headphones were used without audio input, but for a calm and relaxing time.

When music is listened through a noise cancel headphones and with the noise cancellation option on, then the audio output is amplified slightly by approximately 2-5dB. At the higher volumes, the audio distortion could only be increased by the sudden and loud ambient noise. When noise cancellation headphone is compared to the other standard headphones, there is a mix of audio quality, even if the noise cancellation option is turned off.

The noise cancel headphones usually use ANC to cut short the lower frequency part of the noise. It prevents the high frequency noise from reaching ears. This technique is preferred mainly as it reduces the requirement as well as demand for the complicated electronic circuitry. Also the active cancellation is not much effective at high frequencies. The passive isolation seems to be more effective due to short wavelength of high frequency sounds. Solitude noise canceling headphones has gained much popularity in the noise reducing headphone series.

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