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| Over Ear Headphones

Head phones were built by modifying the concept of earlier telephone earpieces. The older version was like a set of two small speakers that the people used to hold close to the ears when listening to some music or any other audio output. They were excessively used not only for the recreational purposes, but also by the professionals like DJ’s in Disco, radio Jockey, to get rid of the acoustic feedback and observe their own sound. The musicians also used them for practicing the song along with the track in the background. These large size headphones that cover almost the whole of the listener’s ear is named as over ear headphone. The ear pads of these over the ear headphones are usually round or ellipsoid in its shape. And due to this shape, its large size and also the weight makes it less portable. Over ear headphones isolate from the external noise and were a good listening experience to many music lovers.

Sennheiser RS120 926 MHz Wireless RF Headphones Charging Cradle Over Ear Headphones

Sennheiser RS120

Over the ear headphones are suitable for the high frequencies and for low frequencies, the listener would need noise canceling instrument that is normally attached to headphone. In the period of 1980’s, this type of over the ear headphones was much popular and was owned by many people who loved music. But this popularity and fame came down with the coming up of the ear phones. The main difference between the over the ear headphones and ear phones are in the size and the way it was used. Unlike the over the ear headphone, an ear phone is placed on the ear which is not over the ear.

There is also a pair of small sized loudspeaker or sometimes one single speaker that is held close to the listener’s ear. This has a facility to be connected to a source of signal like that of an audio amplifier, CD player or a radio. This is known as the headphone speakers. They are also called as headsets, earphones, stereo phones, etc. The unwanted external noise or the acoustic noise is reduced by the noise cancellation headphones. This noise cancellation headphone helps the listeners enjoy the music without increasing its volume level. It is widely used by the singers and musicians to eliminate the external noises. The stereo headphone will make a wonderful gift to people who simply love music. And this offers the wonderful sound effect that anybody would enjoy.

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