Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over Ear Binaural Headphones Review

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These over ear headphones are lightweight and highly comfortable. In fact, they have already found huge popularity with economical headphones. It features highly smooth silver design. Users simply love the leatherette ear pads. The Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over Ear Binaural Headphonesdeliver prevailing bass-driven sound and you get a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over Ear Binaural Headphones Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over Ear Binaural Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over-Ear Binaural Headphones

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The Sennheiser HD201 Stereo Headphones are reasonably priced as a substitute to hi-end studio headphones. You get great clarity of sound and these headphones are just perfect entry in to the arena of great stereo sound. These are superb quality headphones boasting excellent attenuation of highly ambient noise as well as outstanding comfort at a highly affordable price. This product features stereo quality rich sound and you will simply love the crisp bass reaction. In fact, the headphones are very lightweight, highly rugged, and very high-quality leatherette ear pads that make them highly comfortable for you to wear.


The features that come with it are highly smart. You get closed and dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones that offer rich-n-crisp bass response. The dynamic audio reproduction is really worthwhile. To go with that, there are great quality attenuation of ambient noises. The sealed ear cup design can prevents bleed in to the adjoining microphones if you are into home recording. There are different kinds of rugged materials out there which take a great beating on the road or when you are in transport. The lightweight construction is designed especially for longer studio and/or DJ sessions.


The super powerful bass goes hand in hand with improved signal levels to provide you with highly modernized rhythm-driven sound / music. But how about the hypo-allergenic ear pads that are highly comfortable throughout the day. They are highly comfortable if you want to wear, as there is an ultra-lightweight design for your extended listening. The 0.25-inch plug (3.5 mm) with 0.25-inch (6.3 mm) adapter is simply part of the package. You get a two-year warranty as well.


The closed phones cover your ear with a friendly foam pad. This is contrary to the tradition where the phones rather than sitting on top. They have a well padded plastic headband, and a long 10-inch cord which terminates within the mini jack (which comes with a 1/4-inch adapter. The earpieces have incorporated some swivel, and fit even larger head and the ears are simply fine. The comfort level you get is as good as all over ear headphones that you are used to. Just plug them into your computer (featuring a decidedly essential 5.1 soundcard, of course).


For most of the consumers, the sound is simply jaw-dropping and it is nothing like the trivia shipping with portable music devices. Just pop in any CDs, which could be anything like classical to metal… you will notice the big difference. You can max out the volume on your computer without actually making the HD201s very painful… as they’re designed especially with much more power into consideration than the typical systems deliver.

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