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Stereo headphones are a good listening experience as it isolates the sound and the user gets to hear a closer touching sound. The distinct feature that differentiates the sound from the speaker and a stereo headphone is that the speaker sound reaches the user giving a feeling that the sound is coming from a distance. The home stereo headphones too offer a more touching and intimate listening experience.

Sony MDR XD200 Stereo Headphones Stereo Headphones

Sony MDR-XD200

Noise canceling stereo headphones is developed so as to block all the undesired, external ambient sound and make the desired sound reach the listener with the best clarity possible. The noise canceling stereo phone works on the two types of noise canceling methods – active sound cancellation and passive sound cancellation. The active sound cancellation states that all the sound that resembles an ambient sound is blocked so that the user is free from any surrounding disturbances. This could be more explained by a traveler using it in the air traveling who wanted to be free from the noise. The passive sound cancellation blocks only the disturbing ambient sound from reaching the user’s ear and makes the desired audio sound to reach the user in a high-end quality. This ambient sound could be the sound of the fan, air conditioner, wind, baby crying, etc. Though it is expensive when compared to other headphones, its quality is outstanding.

Stereo headphones are a great gift idea to those music lovers who does like being bothered by the external disturbances while listening to music. A stereo headphone proves to be worthy of its cost with its high quality sound that the users would love to listen. The quality of the headphones is measured on how it reproduces music more closely than the normal speakers belonging to the same price group do. When you are planning to buy a stereo headphone, make sure that you get the feedback of different brands by the users. This task can be made easier if you get to read the reviews in the magazine or on internet. This can assist you to narrow the choices. Go for those headphones which are fully enclosed so that the external noise is naturally blocked. And if the user wishes to know what is happening in the surrounding, then the supra aural headphones are ideal which will allow the surrounding sounds to an extent. As the headphone should give a practical experience, try to compare at least 3- 4 models before you fix your mind on a particular brand.

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